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Dr. Quinn is a certified Sports Dentist.

Play it Safe with a Custom Mouth Guard

We all know that mouth guards are important to protect the teeth during sports, but did you know there is evidence that mouth guards can also help prevent or reduce the severity of concussions? If your child plays house league or rep. – whether it be hockey, football, lacrosse, rugby, baseball or soccer – it is best to play it safe with a custom mouth guard.

Why Custom vs. Over-the-Counter Mouth guards:

  • A custom mouth guard is made from a mold taken of your child’s teeth – this ensures a snug fit.
  • With OTC mouth guards, you have to guess at the size. It is easy to buy the wrong one.
  • OTC mouth guards are usually clunky, making it difficult for the child to breathe. That hinders his performance.
  • Custom mouth guards are made with comfort in mind.
  • Custom mouth guards can be tested right at Dr. Quinn’s office where she tests the fit before you leave the office.

Team Dentistry

Children playing in team contact sports will likely have a need for more dental services than other children. As a certified sports dentist, Dr. Quinn can be available as your “team dentist” to prevent routine sports injuries to the face and teeth. But as accidents do happen, she can also quickly replant knocked out teeth, cap broken teeth and fix orofacial injuries. Get Dr. Quinn on your team to ensure your players’ smiles are picture perfect for that Championship photo!

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